Alexis Guillier ©

  1. Purgatoire (Cinema that kills)

    Mentee of Forecast 7

    Mentor: Alia Ibrahim

    Forecast Festival, March 17-18 2023, radialsystem - Berlin

    Some film and archive materials used in "Purgatoire (Cinema that kills)" are part of the Baalbeck Studios collection and were kindly made available by UMAM Documentation and Research and digitized by Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.).

    Pictures :

    Forecast Festival, July 15-17, radialsystem, Berlin - © Céline Poulin, Stephan Talneau, Camille Blake.

    Stills from slideshow - Graphic design : Studio Corentin Corneau - © Alexis Guillier.

  2. La réalité éclatée / A many splattered thing

    PhD Research and creation in Arts RADIAN

    Doctorat de recherche et création en art RADIAN


    Normandie Université

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