Alexis Guillier ©

  1. The Perverted Archival Image

    Workshop participant

    Project on the accident that occurred during the shooting of "Koullouna Fidayoun" (1968).

    October 2021 - February 2022

    The Whole Life Academy Berlin

    Haus der Kulturen der Welt

  2. La réalité éclatée / A many splattered thing

    PhD Research and creation in Arts RADIAN

    Doctorat de recherche et création en art RADIAN


    ésam-c2 - ESADHaR - ENSA Normandie - ED558 / Com-UE Normandie Université.

    Throughout its history, fiction film & TV productions have been marked with on-set accidents, leading to serious injuries or the death of cast members or filmmakers. A large number of these accidents logically relates to stunt people.

    These on-set accidents will be tackled from an aesthetic and historiographic angle, on the basis of the verysubstance of their images. By documenting the accident, these images seem torn between the violentmanifestation of materiality and fiction’s influence on them.

    Through a detailed investigation of precise case-studies, with a strong focus on American film, the on-setaccident becomes an operative concept with which another film history may be written.

    Inquiries stemmed from a short item or the detail of an image can reveal a system which is characterized by tensions between the very matter of bodies and the power of the imaginary, at the heart of cultural industries’ key issues.

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